miscellaneous audition video in Français & 中文 “Testy Law Clerk”
Early career highlights The Guiding Light [1976-‘78] CBS Studios/New York ‘background actor’ Fred Astaire Dance Studios [1977] New York, NY dancer, teacher American Dance Theatre [1980] Point Park College dancer Ballet Theatre of Annapolis[1982] Annapolis, MD dancer Baltimore WJZ TV [1982] Baltimore, MD crime re-enactments Man of La Mancha [1983] Towson University chorus Cabaret [1982] Towson University Estrangement [1983] Towson University director, actor [1982 TSU Grant] Solomé [1985] Pittsburgh Playhouse choreographer & chorus Pittsburgh Educational TV [1985-86] Ch. 26 Pittsburgh, PA various roles In CHINA [在中国]: Cinema [2017] Wolf Warrior 2 Dir. WU Jing, Beijing, Dalian {Captain Planck}—IMDb [2017] Dream Engineers Dir. CHENG JunLuo, Shenzhen {Priest} [2019] Star Variant Dir. QI (Kirin) Lin, Ningxia {David}—IMDb TV Drama [2018] Chess Soldiers Dir. ZHANG Tong Shanghai, China {Gen. Petrov} [2019] Diplomatic Storm Dir. SONG YeMing, Yantai {Admiral Madden} —IMDb 英文名: Norbert "Lao Du" DuBois / 中文名:老杜 职 业: 演员 老师 作者 舞蹈编导 教学” 专业  ● 1985年—1986年,于美国匹兹堡博恩特帕克大学 , 学习;  ● 1981年—1983年,于美国陶森大学,学习“戏剧艺术与法语”专业;  ● 1980年—1981年,于美国博恩特帕克大学,学习“舞蹈与戏剧艺术”专业。  其他经历  ● 1982年,在美国陶森大学,被授予学术奖项。个人导演、制作原创戏剧, 并与来自 耶鲁大学 Barry Marshall 的 客座艺术家共同工作,积累了丰富 的艺术经验;  ● 1993年—1995年,在中国河北经贸大学担任英语外教;  ● 1999年,采访了演员、导演姜文先生,及演员、导演葛优先生, 文章发表在 当时的 美国《华府邮报》上。  在中国: • 2017 狼 战 二 Dir. WU Jing, Beijing, Dalian {Captain Planck}—IMDb 最成功的中国电影制作,于2017年7月全球发行。 2017 控 梦 师 Dir. CHENG JunLuo, Shenzhen {Priest} 2018 兵 临 棋 下 Dir. ZHANG Tong, Shanghai {Gen. Petrov} 2019 星 际 变 种 Dir. QI (Kirin) Lin, Ningxia {David}—IMDb 2019 死外交风云 Dir. SONG YeMing, Yantai {Admiral Madden} —IMDb 会员身份  本人曾是位于美国宾夕法尼亚州匹兹堡市 A.F.T.R.A. 演员工会成员。 
Lecture demonstration on Olde English & understanding Shakespearean dramatic language at Jinan University (Zhuhai) Dept. of Foreign Language & Translation, with textual reference to Shakespeare’s “HENRY THE FIFTH”
“O God! Educate these children. These children are the plants of Thine orchard, the flowers of Thy meadow, the roses of Thy garden. Let Thy rain fall upon them; let the Sun of Reality shine upon them with Thy love. Let Thy breeze refresh them in order that they may be trained, grow and develop, and appear in the utmost beauty. Thou art the Giver. Thou art the Compassionate.” ‘Abdu’lBahá
“Jimmy” {James Liu}, “Medical Director” {Tina Collins}, “David” {Norbert DuBois} in STAR VARIANT 星 际 变 种 (2020?) by Qi Lin/Kirin
¡Bievenidos! 欢迎! Bienvenue!
ACTOR TEACHER WRITER Height: 6’ 0” [1.81 m] Weight: 202 lbs [92 kg] Age range: 55-75 Waist: 37”\95 cm Chest: 47”/1.2 m Neck: 16”\41 cm Inseam: 33”\78 cm Sleeve: 34”\87 cm Shoe: 14\48 Voice: Baritone ~ 2nd Tenor/Legato Since 1970’s performed in musical theatre, dance, and drama productions; Théâtre Arts major in college, including Summer Festival Theatre at Towson University, plus additional roles in educational television and crime scene re-enactments [USA]. Captain Planck (role) in WOLF WARRIOR 2, most successful Chinese movie ever produced, world-wide release, July 2017. Education 1992—‘93 University of Maryland Chinese Studies College Park, Md. and T.E.S.O.L. 1981—‘83 Towson University Theatre Arts Towson, Md. and Directing 1980—‘81 Point Park College Dance & Theatre Arts 1985—‘86 Pittsburgh, Pa. 1969–’70 Peabody Music Conservatory Bill Russo’s Multi-media Théâtre Workshop Other Highlights 1982-‘83. Towson University, Maryland [USA], solo recipient, Théâtre Arts Dept. Student Grant for mentorship by Artist-in-Residence, Barry Marshall of The YALE UNIVERSITY School of Drama 1999. interviewed actor/director Ge You, and actor/director Jiang Wen; published in Washington China Post [Rockville, Md. —Washington, D.C.]. Languages: English (native), Français, Español, and Chinese PuTonghua [passable] 语言能力 英语 法语 西班牙语 普通话 汉语 Membership: former member of actors’ union, AFTRA [Pittsburgh, Pa.] 1985~2003 AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TELEVISION & RADIO ARTISTS 演员工会 的 前成员,AFTRA [宾夕法尼亚州, 匹兹堡 ]
< 配音 Multi-lingual Voice-over dubbing
clip from DREAM ENGINEERS 控梦师 (2017) by Cheng JunLuo “Priest” {Norbert DuBois} https://share.icloud.com/photos/02XqwwzUOlTC5TCq3vyul-J9yHQ#Hengqin
Norbert DuBois
Celina Jade, 吴京 Wu Jing, Norbert at special showing of ”战狼二 WOLF WARRIOR 2 in GuangZhou (05 AUG 2017)
clip from WOLF WARRIOR 2 战狼二 (2017) by Wu Jing; Leng” {Wu Jing} and “Captain Planck” {Norbert DuBois} https://share.icloud.com/photos/0Shy3vl-CNk9o63BmpYWLR_0g#Hengqin
signing autographs for students
with my first agent in China, Judy 吴 WU, at red carpet premier of Cheng JunLuo’s, DREAM ENGINEERS 控梦师 in ShenZhen, DEC 2016